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Lavish Beauty Artistry

Lavish Beauty Artistry

Thank you for choosing to book with Lavish Beauty Artistry 

There’s a few things you should know prior to your appointment day...

1. Here at Lavish beauty, we do not accept walk-ins, APPOINTMENTS ONLY. However you may call to see if same day appointments are available 

2. All deposits are NON-Refundable, if you paid a deposit and have to reschedule at any time, you are permitted ONE rescheduled appointment before you forfeit your deposit.

3. We Accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cash, Apple Pay, Cash App, and or Venmo. NO CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED 

4. There will be a 10 min grace period for any clients that are running late, anything over 10mins will be canceled or rescheduled and you must pay a $25 late fee upon rescheduling. Late clients with any discounted coupon will be subjected to voucher being redeemed and charged $25 late fee upon rescheduling. 

5. Expired coupons will not be accepted! No exceptions will be made

6. No two discounted coupons will be accepted in one appointment

7. No one may accompany you in the service room, only person that is getting serviced will be allow to wait in our waiting ( covid safety guidelines)

8. No kids are allow if they’re not getting serviced. Kids 12-17 must be with parent or guardian. 

9. Mask must be worn at ALL TIMES accept when receiving a facial

10. 24-48 cancellation notice is required, or client will be subject to a $25 dollar cancellation fee. 

11. No call no show will be permitted to reschedule but not without paying for the service in full at the time of booking

12. Appointments request are NOT confirmed until you receive a confirmation/approval text or email from us! Booking an appointment means you are requesting the specific date! Times may or may not be available. 

13.. Please use proper spa etiquette when entering into our office( indoor voices, silence phones, no calls during service)

14. If you have been around anyone in the last 14 days with covid, please reschedule your appointment ( no penalties will apply) 

15. If you are sick of any kind including allergies, please reschedule ( no penalties will apply)

16. If you are coughing or sneezing during your service, your service will be canceled or cut short.

17. Please come in our office with positive attitude, great vibes and or energy, it will definitely enhance your service. 

18. We reserved the right to refuse service to anyone 

19. All appointments are secured with a credit card on file, ONLY a no call no show will be charged, if client fails to show for appointment.