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Lavish Beauty Artistry

All About Beauty

We offer skincare services, Permanent Makeup, Body Waxing, Brow treatments, etc. to clients in Long Beach and Surrounding Areas

Beauty Services for Men and Women

Treat yourself with a beauty treatment here at Lavish Beauty Artistry. We offer Skincare Services, Microblading, Waxing, Brow Treatments, Etc. to clients in Long Beach, California. We strive to satisfy your needs by giving you luxury service and great experience. Get in touch with us today!

List of Services and Pricing 


Microblading- $500


Combo Brow- $600

Touch ups

4-6 week- Included

6 months-1 year- $200 ( must have 30% color).

After-Pay Payment plan Available

Brow Lamination-$65.00


Lavish Glow Customized  facial ( All skin Types)- $100

* not one facial is the same, our facial are tailored to your skincare concerns. 

Add-ons are available at an additional 


(3) LGC facials- $300

(6) LGC facials-$600

Pretty Kitty Vajacials ( includes Brazilian wax)-$99.00


Brow shaping- $21

Brow Shaping and Tinting- $30

Lip- $7


Full Face-$24

Under Arms-$20


Half Leg-$30

Full Leg-$42


Full Bikini-$38



Full Body-$170

Meditation Chakra Healing Facial

120 min- $350.00 

Holistic healing and cleansing of the womb by using natural herbs. No herb option is available for sensitive wombs.

Promotes healing of painful menstration cramps and periods, Hemorrhoids, infections, infertility, hormone imbalances, relieves headaches, regulates irregular or absent menstrual cycles, toning of reproductive system after child birth, eases discomfort of uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts,uterine weakness, endometriosis, promotes healing of vaginal tear, helps restore PH balance, relief symptoms of menopause including dryness or pain, tighten the vaginal canal, Detoxification of the womb and body, and so much moreā€¦.

Cosmetics Classes/Training

Tooth Gem Technician Online Course~  $449.00 1 day course. 

What is Tooth Gems~ Tiny crystals or metallic/ gold decorations for the tooth.  Add a unique sparkle to your smile without damaging your tooth. Learn the technique today and start your business tomorrow! 

Tooth Gems are popular trend especially amongst celebrities, athletes and models. For more questions email us! One on one and group trainings available now! 

Tooth Gem Kit is available at an additional Price.