1. How do I schedule an appointment? Click the tab that says "Book Appointment" or call 562-303-2224

2. Can anyone accompany me in the facial room during my service? Unfortunately no one is allow in the facial room beside the person that is getting serviced.

3. what if I am not pleased with my service, can I get a refund? We will try our best to accommodate you but we do not issues refunds

4. Can I lose weight with the non-invasive lipo? This service is not a method to lose weight. However, its design to reshape and sculpt the body. It aids in melting localize stubborn fat and removing cellulite. Dieting and exercise combine with this service will help you with you weight loss goal.

5.How many treatments do I need? We recommend that you have a course of 6 and maximum of 12. You should allow 72 hour break in between treatments

6.How soon can I see results from this treatment? Most clients see results right away. It does depend of your metabolism and how you care for yourself after   treatment. Treatment does continue to work 7 days after treatment.

7. How long is the treatment? We tailor the treatment to the individual but generally be prepare for a 30-45 min session

8.How long do i have to wait after childbirth for the treatment? 3 months vaginally and 6 months C-section

9. Do I have to rest after treatment? There is no down time, you can continue with your regular schedule program. We strongly suggest you increase your water intake?

10. Are the results permanent? yes

11.. What is the After-care for Microblading/shading? Nothing on brows first week, Second week very little ointment that is provided at your initial visit. No picking at the peel skin, no facial treatment the first week, non saunas ,sweating, pool etc. the first week. Clean hands only

12. Do you receive text messages? Yes but please allow 48 hours for a response if you do text me